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The Athletic Mindset

By Ebony Edwards @Girl_Ebony

Has anyone noticed the parallels between education and sports? The same character traits and abilities are necessary in order to be successful in both. But how many student athletes are simultaneously successful in the two aspects of life? How many student athletes put the student aspect first? How many are athletes who just happen to be in school?

Let’s take a look at the common factors within the mindset needed to be successful in both areas of life:  Continue reading “The Athletic Mindset”

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Spittin Bars & Hittin J’s

By Raymond Lyons
We all know that rappers think they can hoop and hoopers think they can rap. Several NBA players have actually gone as far as to release albums (much to my dismay) and we’re seeing a resurgence of ball players getting into the rap game. Iman Shumpert, Dame Lillard and Stephen Jackson have music floating out there (everyone is trash except Dame). So with these two arenas often crossing paths let’s have some fun with it. Let’s compare some popular NBA players to their rapper counterparts.

Continue reading “Spittin Bars & Hittin J’s”

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Candice Wiggins Says Diana Taurasi is The GOAT

A few weeks ago, we had a debate on who is the greatest woman’s basketball player of all time. As most debates man or woman, people tend to pick the player of their generation or close to it. Myself, I’m a huge critic of skill sets and fundamentals, with a dash of instinctive flare. But when speaking about “THE GOAT,” you have to factor in winning and numbers! Taurasi did it all!  Continue reading “Candice Wiggins Says Diana Taurasi is The GOAT”


Halloween Masquerade

You are invited to the following event:





Event to be held at the following time, date, and location

Friday, October 30, 2015 at 9:00 PM
– to –
Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 2:30 PM (EDT)


The allure of beauty is in full effect.. Unlike a costume party, the masquerade is all Continue reading “Halloween Masquerade”


James Harden will wear these all-white Adidas this year

The big off-season news in the world of NBA footwear was James Harden signing a $200 million deal to be the face of Adidas’ basketball brand. This week, we got the official word on what Harden will be wearing this season: These all-white Crazy Light Boost 2015s, with all-red ones on the road. See more photos after the jump…

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Primers: NBA

“Primers” are a new section added to Prime World Order, that will be short rants and subjects I talk about daily on my Facebook page. Join in the discussions on Facebook and Twitter using the links below.

To kick off  my Primers, it’s only right that I start off with the NBA. Enjoy!


The rumor is… Melo, Durant and Kobe playing together next season in New York. But Kobe says he bleeds Purple and Gold. I dare the Lakers not come to an agreement with Kobe after this season if he remains healthy

Paul Pierce told his teammates not to wear Lebum’s sneakers. I don’t blame him. It’s not like they’re good basketball sneakers anyway. Maybe for a big man. I wear mine when it rains! I appreciate the gift tho (to my connect). Last of the Alpha Males!!

Kevin Garnett characterized the talent in Minnesota as “great” and not simply “good.” I can’t wait to see them play. Just please fit Rubio in there somewhere. The Clippers are going to lose the title of lob city if they do.

Lebum says he wish he could have a few more months off. Told his teammates they have to bring it everyday and he wants to play less minutes. Hmmmm… the contract says 82 game regular season. You signed it Bron Bron.

Have you seen rookie Josh Smith (Georgetown/ Houston Rockets) new physique? He put in a lot of work this off season and is looking in great shape!

Chicago Bulls D Rose hinting at his up coming free agency in 2017 away from Chicago? Or is the media reaching AGAIN and misinterpreting his words?

Will Rudy Gay end up in the Windy City this year? If so that’s scary for East opponents! Make it happen! More players need to come back to the East and strengthen the conference

Swaggy P wants to drop that name and be called Nicholas from now on. Time to grow up Nick  Don’t ruin your career with gimmicks.

Kevin Durant seems optimistic about his foot. I am prying that he and Westbrook are both healthy all season long, because this year I think is their time to make a run. I would love to see them win a Chip and then part ways.

How was awkward was Popovich interview? Lol He’s the best ever at making a reporter feel low. Keep up the great work.



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Prime Basketball Training


8am-10am (Times are subject to change on some weekends)

Saturday & Sunday

If a player really wants to improve at the game of basketball here is how we will do it!

#1 Skill Development: Developing skills are the key to developing confidence in a player. Acquired through focus and repetition of shooting, ball handling and offensive skills, a players confidence is the key to developing players. Too often players are so focused on “advanced” skills, and they haven’t yet mastered the critical fundamentals to build from.

#2 IQ: Understanding the game and knowing how the game is played. Player development is a collection of different lessons learned about the game. Skill development has to translate to the game. Teachers, Coaches and trainers around the country, have to be held accountable for the lessons being taught to players. This comes from having game experience as a player or a Coach and being able to understand game situations both negative and positive.

#3 Physical Training: Conditioning and reaction drills are necessary to develop the reaction in your muscles that translate to the game.

All these things are necessary, but are obsolete without good guidance and a teacher who understands the game. Research your trainer and coach the same way they recruit players. Recruit your leader. Ask questions and find out are they offering what you want as a result. You may both be on or off the same page.


Click the link below registration information. Limited spaces for these workouts.

Prime Player Training Registration

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By Janee  Hayes @Janee_Hayes

Four down TWO to go. That’s how many games are left until playoffs begin. That’s the number of opportunities that each team has to improve its standing in the playoffs or get into the playoffs. And lastly, each player has two more shots at collecting the regular season MVP bonus. One would think that watching the same people compete every week would become monotonous, but it doesn’t. Each week provides different match ups, various rivalries, and another opportunity for team cohesion or individual skill refinement. It’s interesting and entertaining to witness the progression over the past few weeks. Initially, there were plenty of players on teams but not necessarily team players. Many seemingly came in with the idea of “wowing” the crowd as opposed to getting a “w.” But being the naive spectator that I am, it looks as though the players have realized that “wowing” the crowd doesn’t give them any extra points in the standings nor does it translate to any more money in their pockets. Essentially, individual success is predicated on team success. This week was the first time that I witnessed a sense of urgency amongst teams. Players began to hold their teammates accountable for making the “right” play. Granted, the “right” play can be a subjective discussion, nonetheless, it was a discussion being had. And speaking of discussions, it’s time to share with you all of what I saw in week 4.


Game one pitted Team Trouble vs P.I.TS. As has been documented, P.I.T.S has had its share of difficulties the past few weeks. Initially, the team lacked a floor general who could facilitate the offense and protect the ball. Then the team had far too many defensive lapses. But with the addition of a couple of players,they have solved these issues. On the other side, Team Trouble is a veteran team who has been inconsistent. They have an inside-outside attack that should guarantee success, however, they too frequently have dry spells on offense and lulls on defense. Which team would be able to exploit the other’s flaws and come away with a victory? P.I.T.S started off the game jumping out to an early 12 point lead. The guards distributed the ball and Wally Judge controlled the boards. Team Trouble got back into the game as Judge collected 3 fouls leaving no one to nullify Derrick Payne and Jeff Allen (Trouble) on the boards or in the paint. P.I.T.S lead at halftime 35-34. Darin Mencey (P.I.T.S) opened up the half with a few buckets pushing the P.I.T.S lead to seven. Both teams proceeded to trade baskets and it looked as though P.I.T.S would register it’s first win of the season. That is until Judge got hurt around the 3:00 mark and was unable to return. This once again left the paint open for dribble penetration, easy post ups and put backs. End Result: Team Trouble (65-56) Top Scorers: Mark Young 14 & Armand Hill 14 (P.I.T.S) Brian Chase 18 & Jeff Allen 13 (Team Trouble)


Game two (GAME OF THE WEEK) pitted the Showstoppers vs Drew All Stars. For those of you who are new to the write ups, Showstoppers were tied for first in the league and boasting two of the top scoring players in the entire tournament. Drew All Stars had been struggling to secure wins but was looking to use last week’s win as momentum for this weekend’s match up. Now, unbeknownst to me, these two teams have a history. They frequently compete in other leagues throughout the summer and have yet to establish which one is the dominant team. This game started out with your typical scorers doing the boatload of the scoring; Corey Allmond hitting 3’s and Devin Sweetney and Marcus Ashton driving to the basket (Drew). On the other side, Dewayne Jackson began his onslaught on the box and then extended to the outside while Jamahl Brown drove to the basket and hit jumpshots (Showstoppers). The adrenaline was high as each team was trying to serve a knockout blow. The Showstoppers were able to hone their energy as they connected on a number of plays, whereas Drew was unable to focus their energy and committed too many unforced turnovers resulting in an 11 point deficit at the half (46-35). Drew All Stars discussed the adjustments at halftime and came out and immediately cut the game to 5 with back to 3 pointers from Devin Sweetney and Corey Allmond. Although Showstoppers continued capitalize on hustle plays and turnovers, Drew All Stars steadily to cut into the lead. With 8:02 left, Marcus Ashton cut the game to 4 (62-58). Devil Sweetney transformed from scorer to facilitator as he started to penetrate and kick to the hot hands of Ashton and Allmond. Drew went up 1 with 1:07 remaining. Showstoppers showed their vulnerability and inexperience and they began to heave 3’s at the basket as opposed to remaining calm and executing a play. Dewayne Jackson did connect on a 3 tying the game at 76-76. The next few possessions become a free throw shooting contest of which Drew answered the call. End Result: Drew All Stars (80-76) Top Scorers: Dewayne Jackson 17 & Jamahl Brown 16 (Showstoppers) Devin Sweetney 20 & Marcus Ashton 19 (Drew All Stars)


Game 3 pitted Baltimore vs Wiz Kids in a match up that not only contrasted two styles of play but also two ends of the rankings spectrum as it pertained to wins and losses. Baltimore is a team that typically likes to run while Wiz Kids are more methodical and prefer a slower paced game where players can grind it out in the half court. I say typically because game plans change when only 6 players show up for the game. Baltimore adjusted its run and gun style to fit the personnel available. They started the game entering the ball into the post as Gordon Chase effectively used his body to bump his defenders and finish with a smooth jumpshot. When Chase wasn’t scoring on the block, Velmar Coleman and Antione Jordan were doing their damage on the wing and from deep. Clutch scoring from Phoenix Butler (Wiz Kids) kept the game close. Baltimore led at the half 43-41. In the second half Tre Kelly began to assert himself offensively. Throughout the first half, Kelly was relegated to playmaker as Baltimore did a great job of double teaming and keeping the ball out of his hands. Butler continued his scoring throughout the second half as Kelly finally got his rhythm. This game came down the wire as Coleman (Baltimore) went on a scoring binge to tie the game at 78-78 with 15 seconds remaining and forced an overtime. In overtime, Baltimore continued to battle but clutch free throws by Bobby Shannon and Tre Kelly sealed the deal. End Result: Wiz Kids (91-88) Top Scorers: Velmar Coleman 30 & Antione Jordan 25 (Baltimore) Tre Kelly 31 & Phoenix Butler 18 (Wiz Kids)


Game four pitted Madness vs Lincoln Park in a match up that could potentially determine who gets the number one spot in the playoffs. Ed Jones put Lincoln Park on the scoreboard first by opening the game with a lay up. Deontay Twyman and Manny Ogunfolu continued the attack for Lincoln Park in lieu of Dele Ojo who was having difficulty finding his rhythm. Eddie Basden kept Madness alive by scoring on drives to the basket and 3 pointers. The game was tied at halftime 41-41.  The second half started much like the first with Ed Jones (Lincoln Park) scoring the first basket to open. From that point on, Madness dominated the game. A combination of 3 pointers by Folarin Campbell, 15 footers by Cliff Dixon, post ups by Chris Howard, and a solid team defensive effort spelled doom for Lincoln Park. Although they played hard, they had great difficulty scoring in the second half. Deontay Twyman hit a 3 to cut the lead to 6, but that was as close as Lincoln Park could get. End Result: Madness (98-80) Top Scorers: Ed Jones 23 & Deontay Twyman 16 (Lincoln Park) Folarin Campbell 30 & Chris Howard 18.


Week 5
3:00 – Team Trouble vs Wiz Kids
4:30– Drew All Stars vs P.I.T.S
6:00 – Showstoppers vs Team Madness
7:30 – Lincoln Park vs Baltimore

Week 6
7:00 Team Trouble vs Drew All Stars
8:30 P.I.T.S vs Wiz Kids

7:00 Lincoln Park vs Team Showstoppers
8:30 Baltimore vs Madness

6:30 – TBD
8:00 – TBD
3:00- TBD
4:30 – TBD

Championship Day
3:00 – Dunk Contest
4:00 – Three Point Contest

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ESPN to Air Ball Up’s First Million Dollar Summer Challenge


ESPN to Air Ball Up’s First Million Dollar Summer Challengeespn-bristol-sign

Ball Up has reached an agreement with ESPN to televise its first-ever Million Dollar Summer Challenge, a summer-long basketball competition. The challenge gives six U.S. cities the opportunity to compete for $1 million and bragging rights as the preeminent summer basketball league in the nation.

Read the full article here on TVNewser



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Ballup Million Dollar Summer Challenge is on ESPN


SAVE THE DATE! Ballup Million Dollar Summer Challenge is on ESPN @ 10pm Wednesdays

Every summer, all over the country, basketball teams battle it out on the streets to be crowned kings of their city. It’s time to see who will go from local legend to national champion. This is Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge.
Played in six markets throughout the summer, this new and exciting summer challenge will feature elite competition that raises the bar of summer basketball, and culminates with the top teams from each city competing on a national stage for a life-changing prize and ultimate bragging rights.
Press release soon to come, but for now, please save the date for when Ball Up comes to find out what talent WASHINGTON D.C. has to offer –
Saturday, May 30th
2PM – 8PM 
Largo High School
Indoor Gym
505 Largo Rd. 
Upper Marlboro
MD 20774
All Games Are Open And Free To The Public
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The Ladies of Team Prime

Our 11u girls team consist of 3 11 year olds, 4 10 year old and 3 9 year old. We have defeated 5 Nationally ranked 11u/ 5th grade teams in the country. Our goal is not to be a Nationally ranked team, but to develop every player into a basketball player and a coach-able leader. So when the time comes, each and every player can play for anybody in any system.

After a long practice of conditioning and skill development, here is the 2nd half of a pickup game from last night.

“Best 11u Pickup Games Ever”


Featured Torunament Flyer


Torunament Flyer


Tam Prime 1st Annual Father’s Day Weekend Jam Session Powered by Haden  Sports and Performance.

We are welcoming all competitive teams from all regions both boys and girls.

Certified referees.

Trophies to 1st and 2nd place winners in all age groups.

3 Point & Free Throw contest.

All Competitive Teams are welcome.

Register your team @ TeamPrimeSports.com


Want to post, advertise your product, tournament or get featured on primeworldorder.com? Send email to PrimeWorldOrder@gmail.com for information on how to reach over 10,000+ (and growing) consumers. 



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UA Clutchfit For TeamPrime-MCD

IMG_20150214_084412 IMG_20150213_180854~2

The youth league Winter playoffs are here and at the same time its All Star Weekend. I know when I was playing ball, All Star break was our break also in the hood. So your footwear was important. The players who you though you played like, it was time to be them.

So to keep it fun for our teams, the girls will be rocking these for the Winter league playoffs. Representing University Alumni Marissa Coleman, our girls rock the UMD Colorway uniforms and these shoes are the perfect complement.

Kids love the bright colors and UA blessed us with this color way!

Team Prime – Marissa Coleman Dream are youth basketball organizations (boys & girls) supported by “Every Need Is Met Foundation” (non – profit). For information on our team and support, head over to TeamPrimeSports.com


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adidas man Kanye West throws massive shade at Nike during Roc City Classic concert


Yeezy taught me! :-0

Originally posted on For The Win:

Image via Avery Stone Image via Avery Stone

On Thursday night, Kanye West performed a free concert at New York’s Madison Square Park, as part of the 2015 NBA All-Star Game weekend. (The event was called the Roc City Classic, put on by Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation Sports, and was co-hosted by Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.)

During a performance of his hit “Blood On The Leaves,” West gave a shoutout to Adidas, with whom he premiered his specially designed shoe, the Yeezy Boost, earlier that day.

Kanye shouts @Adidas.

A video posted by averywstone (@averywstone) on

But he didn’t stop there: West, of course, urged the crowd not to wear “that other brand.”

Kanye West: "We ain't wearing that other company no more, right?"

A video posted by averywstone (@averywstone) on

West originally created shoes with Nike — the Air Yeezy and the Air Yeezy II — but Nike and…

View original 21 more words

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Drake surprised everyone and dropped a 17-track mixtape out of nowhere


First J Prince, now this! :-)
You can listen to the album here “If You’re Just Reading This, You’re Too Late”

Originally posted on For The Win:

Courtesy of LA Weekly Courtesy of LA Weekly

To tide us over until the release of his third studio album, Views From the 6, it’s been rumored since back in November that we’d be treated to a mixtape from (arguably) rap’s biggest star, Drake.

So, on the same day that we got a whole new clothing line and a new song from Kanye West, Drake came through to steal the thunder, dropping a 17-track mixtape titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, featuring OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR, G.O.O.D Music’s Travi$ Scott, and of course, Lil Wayne.


All of this was just too much for anyone to process.


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Hating **** ain’t happy, and happy **** ain’t hatin. -Fabolous

I wonder if being a sports fan of certain teams relate to your character and life?  As you can see this year my motto is “When the hate don’t work,  they start telling lies. ” I borrowed that from my fellow Scorpio “Fabolous ” from his song,  “Ball Drop. ” This is the line of 2015.

Everyone knows I’m a Lakers and  a Patriots fan. Two of the most liked and scrutinized teams ever. Either you love ❤ them or hate them. But you have to respect them because of their consistency and accomplishments. But when you’re that good,  the hate and the lies start rolling in.

This is my life also. For years I have done things on and off the court that some people love ❤ and appreciate,  and some hate and really waste energy disliking me. I’m a fair dude who get goals accomplished. I share,  I put people on. I’m a fair dude that treats everyone the same.

When it comes to basketball, I hear all the rumors and excuses of why I didn’t make it to the league,  how I got into Georgetown. I wasn’t that good (Joke, I’m still good) . Dudes been saying I’m done for the last 10 years. Be over it.  It’s like everybody knows my story better than me.

I know a lot of women so the haters insist to tell women that I’m gay, that’s why women like me,  or I mess with all these different girls. Yeah fools I know y’all talk. They tell me. I don’t address it.  Then on the back-end y’all talk about me because I don’t hang with a lot of guys. It’s because I’m too much MAN for y’all girly ways.

My basketball organization,  I have a great repor,  than the one family that don’t like it,  wants to call and get everyone thinking like them and it doesn’t work. People run their mouths to others who could care less about me but they respect me. I’ve earned that by doing! Yes I talk a lot of trash, but I put action behind it. I back it up. I’ll talk before,  during and after because I’m confident in myself.

I said this to say,  when you’re on top of your life and GOD gives you favor, people don’t like it and they try anything to bring you down. Its our society. Thats why the greats walk  amongst the greats and the regulars talk about the greats lives. They say anything to bring them down. I bet you any of the dudes that talk about me would love to live in my lane. All the rumors they start would go out the window for that plug. Man up and be successful from your work. Earn your name and don’t use the internet to fake it. When you’re doing something right and they talk about you,  it fuels your fire to do more. Create more,  love more,  have more. More,  more,  more.  So thank you ladies and gents who like to talk. So get your lies ready because I have MORE!!!!  2015 after the Ball Dropped,  I cut all of the negative energy out of my life!
“When the hate stops working,  they start telling lies! ”

This is more…
Need more……. And coming to Washington DC the Summer of 2015, the biggest basketball event since the Urban Coalition. Wait for it!!!!!!!!

Well to kill any Georgetown rumors… I got my SAT scores my Junior year first time didn’t study for it. I was told to take the test to see what to expect. Killed that bird.  That made GTown jump. I didn’t get kicked out of Georgetown, I transferred for personal reasons, not grades and not just basketball. It’s life choices. I’m happy today! Right choices!


Real Love

He loved her so, that after 10 years of losing contact with her, he called the last number he had for her, just to see if it still worked. The guy answered the phone and said is this ________? He said yes, how did you know? He answered, she said call her on this number. They hung up. What he didn’t know was, she called her last number that she knew he had and told the guy, “Hi! I’m __________, Can you please give ____________ my number if he ever calls? This is the last number he had of mine, just in case he calls one day.”

Featured wpid-20130509-ROBERT-BURDEN-056edit-660x990.jpg

Massive Oil Paintings by Robert Xavier Burden

Sharing some paintings that I really like by Robert Xavier Burden. He paints oils on very humongous canvases.
This Batman painting is 12 feet tall. He went from painting nudes to these. I would guess it takes a lot of patience to paint such huge oils. He is really good! You would need very tall ceilings to house these, and very tall pockets! Check them out below.












Read about Burden on Wired.com

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Remembering my cuz today. It’s his 47th birthday RIP #EBall The Goodman League use too be named after him as well but who knows why his name got dropped. 4.0 student at Mackin, played in the backcourt with Johnny Dawkins and had a sweet jumper.
He was a big fan of Curt Smith, Melvin Middleton, Polish and Troy. He loved bball. It was by God’s grace he came home from prison and snatched me off the streets before I dug in too deep and made sure I was on somebody’s court everyday. He heard I could play and told me to go hoop I got the rest. It was through him God used as a messenger and the message was reality.
I got in to Georgetown after one year of high school Basketball. The last time I saw him, he got up out his floor seat at a Georgetown game and waved his hand in disgust because I had 25 points at the half and my Coach didn’t play me the 2nd half. He signaled me to call him after the game. That was the last time I saw him. I called and paged him after the game and he never returned my call. He got shot at a phone booth and then ran over by the truck of his killer. He was there returning my call. You can imagine how I felt after that. One of the reasons I left Georgetown and got out of DC. It’s a cold world out here. I always.
Everybody is worrying about Ferguson and it’s a war outside your door. Pray for Ferguson and pray for your household. To prevent Ferguson from happening again, prepare our future for the fight, and it starts with valuing each other. Let’s start here!

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Big debate on my social networks on this top about how the basketball training (I call it teaching) market is over saturated with trainers. It makes it really hard for parents to decide who can really help their child. If you have a gym, cones and a mobile phone, you can be a trainer today. So I thought I would share this article on the subject. I hope it finds all well and no one should be offended because it’s for the best interest of the kid and the parents.

Feel free to comment after you read it.


PicsArt_1406748015146Basketball is a very popular sport among today’s youth. From the lifestyle, the apparel, NBA players and AAU, it’s the cool thing to do. It’s a business for the PARENTS. A lot of parents are making an investment in their child in hopes to get the development they need so that their kid can find some success through basketball. With today’s craze of everybody being a fitness trainer, the same thing is happening with basketball. It’s almost like why would you hire an obese trainer to help you lose weight? continued…




Featured wpid-mhqgo_around_the_world_656683.jpg


This article is about the Oral History of the And1 Mixtape Tour by the players. All answers you have been wondering all answered as told to Complex.com

In honor and memory of the tour and the eve this article I’m prepping with my throwback Mixtape Tour gear. Also it’s Championship Day for us at the Goodman League. #RocBoys



All good things must come to an end. Just make sure it ends how you wrote your story. Grand Opening, Grand Closing!

Read article here

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I wanted to take my experience today at the March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary, and imagine the film and the photos I have seen of the March 50 years ago. I chose to take the photos in black and white because I wanted them to have the same feel. After seeing the photos, the feel was different at a lot of the marching points. Today the total group was not as intense and the same fight is not being fought with the same sense of urgency nor concern. This felt more like a big family reunion. But I won’t speak for all, strictly my views. These are my photos of the March on Washington 50 years later.  Saturday, August 24th 2013. Enjoy!

“Will we continue when the March is over?”

IMAG0219IMAG0196 IMAG0198IMAG0195 IMAG0193 IMAG0192 IMAG0191 IMAG0190 IMAG0189 IMAG0188 IMAG0187 IMAG0186(1) IMAG0185(1) IMAG0184 IMAG0183(1) IMAG0181(1) IMAG0180(1) IMAG0179(1) IMAG0178(1) IMAG0177 IMAG0176(1)

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Join the XBX Basketball Boot Camp now! Limited spaces per age group. $80 for the month Only $20 for a 2 hour session each Sunday. That’s $10 an hour! Individual days are $35. 30 PLAYERS ONLY! XBX Bootcamp If you are looking for a basketball camp that will develop any player, look no further. XBX Basketball Boot Camp is a skills development camp in the DMV that helps develop any type of player. With over 26 years of basketball experience, Lonnie Harrell brings to the table a high knowledge of basketball from all levels. The keys to basketball success is the refining of skills along with mental + physical conditioning and basic fundamentals. Boot camp will be a weekly Sunday session from 8:30am-10:30am that will teach kids what it takes to play above the norm. How to rise to another level of play and be phenomena. The mental and physical approach will be the #1 & #2 focus of boot camp. This will not be your regular basketball workout. Bring your mind and body and leave everything else at the door. This will be rigorous and not for fun. To truly train your body to perform at its best, it starts with discipline. Parents who have witnessed their kids participate in our workouts, have seen the changes in confidence, skill set and overall play. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Ages 7-17 We are only taking 10 of each age group for a total of 30 players. 7-10, 11-13, 14-17 year olds. After these ages spaces are filled, the Bootcamp will be closed. Additional sessions will be added if necessary. * 4 sessions total each month. Must be paid before the Friday of the 1st Sunday session (first session September 1st Cost due on August 30). No delayed or partial payments. Non-refundable and no date swaps. (Unless you swap the full 4 sessions to a later month, before the first session begins.) All spots will be filled in advance each week. Regulars will have first dibs on spots every week once registration opens up on the Tuesday before the next monthly sessions begin.



For more information and registration, fill out the form at this link. Thanks!

Form information can only be seen by the website owner

Registration Form

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I missed the days of the NBA when we didn’t know who would win playoff series and the Championship. That didn’t start until the Michael Jordan era. Check the year when Air Jordan’s took off, the NBA became predictable. The $ became the show rather than entertaining the fans on the court and on the field. The business of sports is overshadowing the game itself.

American sports suck. As much as I love football as it is my first love, it’s as predictable with the story lines and winners. The New England Patriots (my team along with the Rams) won their first Bowl the year of 9/11. After 9/11 occurred, Bono said its only right that the Patriots should win (hence the name). He predicted that the Patriots would win, and guess what…The Dynasty begun! SUCKS FOR AMERICAN SPORTS!

Today we have the biggest companies sponsoring the NBA, and those same companies sponsor the leagues biggest star. Seems to me that should be a conflict of interest in that if his team wins, that’s a win for the league and sponsors. The league delivers and the sponsors visibility is doubled. Great business but bad for the fans.




It’s the day after father’s day and I’m on my way to Station 4. This is my Monday, the day I chose to take for myself and take care of me. Today was a little different because I accepted a meeting that took 5 hours. No complaints because it was a very creative meeting with my new creative team. As I walked across the street in the rain, my phone alerted me of a text. It’s my Moms. I see a longer than usual text so I immediately stopped in the rain to read it. This is what I read:

“My dear son: While I give thanks to God for you always in my prayers for you; I also, would like to thank you for being such a fine young man. It’s such a joy and a pleasure being your mom!  Yesterday celebrating Father’s Day with you was wonderful. Watching you with Taylor is so rewarding. What mother wouldn’t appreciate having a son who is a first class dad. I’ve watched you give of yourself 100% to the care and love for Taylor. You are an excellent dad, and I want you to know that I’m proud to be your mom! I too am a recipient of a good dad. He passed on when I was 15 years of age, he didn’t leave me without treasured memories, memories that will last a lifetime. Lonnie, keep planting seeds of treasured memories with Taylor, they will grow into monuments embedded in her heart forever! From the heart of a mother who loves and respects her son! ♥”

The rain covered my tears. After reading this, I felt accomplished. No matter what I have done with my basketball career, business or anything I was blessed to do, today made me feel like I have made my Mother proud. I never thought that sharing the same love she has given to me as a single Mom, would be the thing in my life that made her proud of me.

This has just made my night that much sexier! #quenching

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“Team Prime” It’s time to play!

We are bringing the fun back into basketball for our youth. A lot of organizations take the most important part of basketball out by putting the business of the game before the youth. Takes the fun out of the game too early for them. We will be dedicated to always making sure that kids learn the game, develop and be competitive while having fun.

This logo is a reminder of the obstacles that we have overcome to make dreams come true. The wholes symbolize the wounds that we are reminded of when facing the adversity. It’s always a war when you want success. The T and P are intertwined showing togetherness and the letters are bleeding together. It takes a team to overcome all obstacles. No matter the score or the outcome, “Team Prime,” is set to always finish first!

Our debut is this Memorial weekend: Come out and support!

The event takes place at the Truxton Park / Pip Moyer Recreation Center in Annapolis, MD:
273 Hilltop Lane Annapolis, MD 21403
May 25 thru May 27, 2013
Team: Boys 15&u

This will be the first tournament for players and coaches. We all start from the bottom together! We are here now! #TeamPrime “It’s Time to Play!”

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PRIME PLACES: “TABLE” Mother’s Day Brunch



My choice for you to take your Mom’s is a nice and comfortable place with really good food. A place where you can comfortably enjoy your experience as well as the food. The kitchen is open and you can watch the chef or even interact with him as he create the affordable European influenced meal you are sure to enjoy. The menu is written by hand and has a selection for all diet choices.

Table DC has been chosen “Best New Restaurant,” by Best of DC.


Table DC Google information



#PrimeLife #DCLivin #Foodie


HeArt & Sole


An Evening with Chef Rock Harper & Friends

Help fight poverty and homelessness with Chef Rock Harper and his celebrity chef friends as they kick off their shoes to prepare fabulous food inspired by their favorite “sole.”

When: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Union Market, 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

We have a limited number of last-call tickets available at $50 per person – don’t miss out!

Tickets for the VIP Experience are sold out

Register Here